Knowledge brings inspiration

We support companies, institutions, associations, towns, or private persons who want to write their histories and we offer assistance in the research activities that are necessary for our partners’ projects.


We draft monographs, historical brochures, and content for web presentations. Maybe your company was nationalized in 1948 and you want to know its forgotten history, to find out the fate of your employees, or to understand the significance of the events from that era. HCC researches, documents, discovers, and writes the history of your company. We offer you the possibility to know the history of your company and of those who worked for you.


Even though many towns have old histories, they are often no longer known today. HCC documents and discovers information that will help you discover the fascinating history of your county, or of your city and of those who lived there. The center will research the main events from the past and the role of your community throughout history. The best way in which these histories can be recovered and carried on to the next generations is a monograph of the county, made by professional researchers and historians. Discover, know, and carry on the traditions and history of the places, families, or of the heroes born in your county and of the events that they were part of.


In some cases, historical documentation can make a difference in a trial. The research in archives or libraries takes time and requires the knowledge of archival sources. A practical solution is to call the HCC. The center carries out research and documentation in archives or libraries, drafts and presents reports with the results of the research. For the first time, we offer to Romanian law firms a service that was successfully used by great international law firms.


The country’s recent history condemned many people to silence and oblivion, maybe even a member of your family. We document and write about those members of your family who have gone missing in the communist regime or during World War II, or who were deported. Our researchers will investigate the context of the era; it will recover and interpret the missing pieces of your family’s past. We will tell the story of your family and of those missing. Our researchers explore archives or libraries and draft individualized reports about the historical investigation carried out for each and every case.


We offer historical consulting, assistance in research activities and carry out documentary maps on specific subjects. We support ongoing documentary activities, we take over and we fulfill it in the best conditions that are specific to the research activity in question.