Writing monographs

The monograph is the right instrument for telling and bringing to light the story of a village, city, or company. We recover and we reenact the important facts and events from the past. We present the context of the period and we discover the personal history of the people from the village, city, or your company, who participated in significant events (the Independence War, First World War, and Second World War, the communist regime or the Romanian Revolution). Discover the role of your predecessors in the Great Union or from the time of the main events through the monograph that our researchers will write for you. We write monographs, historical brochures, and other content for presentation sites.

  • Consulting regarding the specifics of the activity
  • Making a working plan and setting up the objectives
  • Identifying and analyzing the documentary resources
  • Reading the specialized literature
  • Conducting interviews with local people, former or current employees of the company
  • Establishing inventories for the identified data
  • Synthesis of the identified material
  • Writing the monograph, the brochure, or the content for the presentation site
  • Editing and printing the monograph or the historical brochure