PhD in Political Science from the University of Bucharest with a research focus on the workers movement political contention in Romania during the tumultuous period between 1917 and 1921. His main areas of interest are political protest, labor and social history, and the socialist tradition in Romania and Europe, including during communism. Currently he is an associate lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science (University of Bucharest), where he teaches courses of Romanian Foreign Policy 1878-1989, History of European Integration, The History of the Idea of Europe, Foreign Policy Analysis (Romanian & English), International Politics and Socialism and Social-Democracy in Romania. A selection of his most recent publications includes: „‘Comrade Artist!’ Conformism and Benefits in the Professional Organization of the Romanian Visual Artists during Communism” (chapter in collective volume, 2017); „From Opening to Repression and Denial. Roma in Romania between 1918 and 1989” (chapter in auxiliary textbook, 2017); „A Theoretical Perspective on Contentious Politics”, No. 2(184)/2015, 29-38; „Bordering Tito. The Romanian Borders under the Pressure of the Soviet-Yugoslav Conflict”, in Studia Politica. Romanian Political Science Review, 2/2014, 243-60.